Restaurant Menu

Carta Restaurante


During kitchen opening times (Depending on season)

Beef Burger  
Iberian Pork
Sautéed Scampies
Lobster Paella
Paella Fisherman's Style
Fideua-vermicelli noodle paella
Carta Restaurante



Homemade chicken croquettes  
Ventresca Tuna and Shrimps Salad
Cod Carpaccio
Hours d’oeuvre el Buffet  
Escalivada (roasted vegetables)  
Pineapple with ham  
Melon with ham  
Gaspatxo soup ( season )  
Catalan Stew ( season )  
Catalan Escudella soup  
Russian salad  
Catalan salad  
Mixed salad  
Green salad  
Carta Restaurante



Grilled pig’s trotters  
Turkey breast steak  
Chicken breast in breadcrumbs
Grilled beef steak
Grilled Rork Loin
Mixed meat grill
Quails (2 pieces)  
Grilled Entrecote  
Grilled rabbit  
Grilled lamb chops
Grilled lamb  
Grilled butifarra sausage  
Grilled chicken  
Pork brochette  
Carta Restaurante



Pop a la Gallega (Galician style octopus)  
Grilled monkfish  
Grilled squids  
Andalusioan Style Squids
Monkfihs fisherman's style
Grilled hake  
Carta Restaurante



Irish coffee  
Ice-cream cup  
Fresh pineapple   
Walnuts with cream  
Mel i mató (milk curd with honey)   
Plain/flavoured yoghurt   
Seasons fruits  
Rice in milk  
Nuts and dried fruit and Muscatel   
Fruits in syrup   
Crème caramel and cream   
Crème caramel (homemade)   

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